Smither Park (Houston, TX)

Location: 2441 Munger Street, Houston, TX 77023

Houston, famously or infamously (depending on your point of view), has no zoning.  For the most part, this can be hard to really notice: deed restrictions govern a lot of things, and generally Houston looks like an urban center over which a MERV warhead full of strip malls exploded.   However, the Beer Can House and The Orange Show have been monuments to the kind of wackiness you can get when lack of zoning and creative expression join forces.  As of 2017, however, Smither Park has entered the scene and completed Houston’s holy trinity of art appearing in unexpected places.


Located next door to The Orange Show, and smack dab in a residential neighborhood just off of south I-45, Smither Park is a privately owned (but publicly accessible) open space consisting of countless mosaics contributed by 300 artists from across the United States.  Though the overall space is small, every square inch of it is fascinating.


With the Orange Show just next door, a quick trip both it and Smither Park are worth your time.

But don’t take our word for it.  See below for more information!

Smither Park Website

Houston Press: A Beautiful, Wonderful Park for the Late Stephanie and John Smither


Google Reviews


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