Kaminarimon & Senso-ji – (Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan)

Location: Japan, 〒111-0032 Tōkyō-to, Taitō-ku, Asakusa, 2−3−1

Our first stop on our trip to Japan was at Kaminarimon Sensouji temple near in Asakusa, Tokyo.  Kaminarimon is Japanese for “Thunder Gate” and stands outside of Senso-ji Temple.  The gate contains a large lantern and a couple of statues.  The original gate dates back to 941, but the gate was placed in its current location in 1635, but has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times.  The current iteration of Kaminarimon was dedicated in 1960.

Beyond the gate is a street with a number of shops (Nakamise-dori), before arriving to Senso-ji Temple.  Senso-ji is Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist Temple (its first iteration being founded around 645 AD).  Nakamise-dori, the temple, and surrounding pagoda and shrines make for excellent picture fodder.


The above photos, while nice, do betray one of the prime challenges of taking pictures in some of these more popular tourist destination in Japan: let’s call it the “TMP” problem.  Too.  Many.  People.

If you are trying to get a shot without people in it (or without people doing something distracting in it), you’ll either have to look up (my solution), or be very patient, lucky, or a combination of the two.  Still, good photos are still possible if you have the patience and determination to get around the TMP problem.

Additional Information:

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